Loveship / 2007

In the Lentos drawings installation 2004/05 I was working on sort of contemporary family portraits. The title was “Nucleus of the State”. The new series is about breaking, expanding or finding out the borders of the “Nucleus of the State” idea without ruining it. Something like friendship portraits, in classical terms is what I am working on. I draw people I try to love or to live with, even when I am still part of the nucleus. As I have done before, I question the social possibilities and borders of life in a society like ours, or like mine in a western European society.

In my work I always address and try to discover the potential of social life with reference to the official version of social interaction between people in certain societies. Always starting from the zero point, from the family.

So, basically it’s the question of how to be able to love in today’s society. It is a clash of images of the loving family, the sex-driven individual, kids’ education and care for the older generation. Love is such a kitsch and commercial scene in nowadays’ society but in reality it is hard to construct, so difficult to transfer into real daily life. Likewise friendship.